Market practices have not fundamentally changed for decades. As bond market experts, we fully appreciate the need for timely, reliable communication of key information.

Today's processes, using a combination of email, voicemails, chat, pdf, excel, etc., require a high level of manual input into a variety of systems by multiple participants, resulting in data anomalies and costly reconciliations.

Now's the opportunity, with agora, to revolutionise and enhance the entire life cycle of bonds.

Our vision

Connecting all major deal collaborators - Issuers, Investment Banks, Issuing and Paying Agents, Custodians, Central Securities Depositories, Law Firms and other service providers - agora provides a single golden source of the critical bond information, digitally signed and available to all participants in a deal. When integrated into back-end processes it eliminates the need for manual inputs and costly reconciliations. All parties share the same golden source of information which is hidden from non-participating actors.

agora will utilise market leading Distributed Ledger Technology to pave the way for digital securities that comply with existing regulations, enhance information sharing and eliminate costly reconciliations whilst maintaining privacy.

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