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Digitally driven end-to-end solution for holistically managing pre and post trade functions in fixed income markets, powered by distributed ledger technology

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Reduce the need for costly data reconciliation and unnecessary duplicative processes

Convert natural language contracts into agoraSmartBonds, the future of fixed income

Increase Straight-Through-Processsing (‘STP’) rates for the fixed income market

agoraSoftware will help market participants manage the entire lifecycle of financial instruments digitally

Promote Efficiencies

Promote efficiencies by converting natural language contracts into proprietary *agoraSmartBonds*, which accurately represent the security, legally and commercially, and enables efficient lifecycle management through the use of smart contracts.

Minimise Complexity

Minimise complexity with the ability to create fixed-income and derivative products in a single and secure environment complete with digital confirmation and signature.

Increase Collaboration

Increase collaboration by connecting issuers, distributors, CSDs and other service providers through an integrated communication and information sharing platform, to facilitate the creation and management of the security.

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Filippo Mattia Ginanni joins agora Digital Capital Markets as Head of Structured Products and EMTNs

London, 18 January 2021 

Digital Debt Capital Markets Ltd (DDCM or “agora”), announces the appointment of Filippo Mattia Ginanni as its Head of Structured Products and EMTNs.  Prior to joining agora, Filippo was Head of Cross Asset Structu...

Digital Debt Capital Markets Appoints Sir Peter Estlin as an Advisor

Digital Debt Capital Markets Ltd (DDCM or “agora”), announces the appointment of Sir Peter Estlin as an Advisor.

agora is a collaborator, partnering with key industry players to develop and deliver transformational change to the benefit of the market as a whole – reduced costs, enhanced efficiency and resilience

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